Pool Rules

  1. Admittance to and use of the pool is restricted to members in good standing of the Kingsgate Highlands Division Five Homeowners Association and purchasers of valid Pool Use Permits. Members in good standing are those who are not delinquent in Kingsgate V Homeowners Association dues/assessments or Pool User Permit Fees.

  2. Certified lifeguards must be on duty during all regular pool hours. A minimum of two guards must be in attendance for every 45 people swimming in the pool. Three guards must be on duty for swimming attendance between 45 and 100 people. There shall be no more than 100 swimmers in the pool at any one time.

  3. All persons entering the pool, including guests, must register at the front desk and furnish their name, lot number, Pool Use Permit number and/or address to the attendant on duty.

  4. Improper bathing attire is not allowed in the pool. The decision of the Pool Trustee, Pool Director or Senior guard on duty shall be final with respect to improper attire.

  5. Street clothes are not allowed on the pool deck. Exception is given to parents and/or guardians watching their children.

  6. No loitering in the pool house.

  7. Admission will be denied to any person with an infectious disease, and/or open sore or wound. All bandages must be removed before entering the pool. Babies must be changed into a swim diaper before entering the pool area. They are available for sale at the front desk.

  8. All persons are required by the King County Health Code to shower with soap (including hair) before entering the pool. Upon leaving the pool area, bathers or swimmers must shower again before re-entering the pool.

  9. Children under 12 years of age who do not pass a basic swimming test administered by the pool staff, must be accompanied by an adult or a qualified swimmer whenever using the pool. Qualified swimmers must be approved by the Pool Manager or the Senior guard on duty. Children under 9 years old must be accompanied by an adult or an authorized sitter while using the pool.

  10. Any child using the wading pool must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years of age or older, at all times. No other persons are allowed in this area. Exception is given to baby-sitters who have the proper authorization from the parents and pool management.

  11. No pets allowed in the pool house or pool area.

  12. No glass, sharp, pointed, breakable or otherwise dangerous objects are permitted in the pool area.

  13. No alcoholic beverages or chewing gum is allowed in the pool area.

  14. Lifejackets, artificial swimming aids, etc. are allowed in the pool when accompanied by a parent. Swim fins, snorkels or face masks are NOT allowed at any time. Sand filled objects (such as diving sticks) are NOT allowed at any time.

  15. Running is not allowed on the pool decks, walkways, or in the pool house.

  16. Diving is restricted to the ten (10) foot depth only and at a time designated by either the Pool Manager or the Senior Guard on duty to be safe for all swimmers.

  17. No one under the age of 7 will be allowed in the deep end of the pool without an adult 18 years or older unless they are diving or participating in lap swim. All other young swimmers must first pass the swim test before being allowed in the deep end.

  18. Lifeguards shall have the right to restrict to the shallow water any person they feel is of limited swimming ability.

  19. Behavior that is distracting or harassing to the staff on duty will not be permitted.

  20. Disorderly conduct, abusive language, or behavior that restricts the enjoyment of others using the pool will not be permitted.

  21. No loud playing of electronic devices, ie. CD players or radios.

  22. Anyone caught abusing the pool area will be responsible for it’s clean up and repairs for any damages. Parents of minors will be notified of any infraction.

  23. Special swim time:

    For additional safety and to accommodate adult-only swimming, all persons under the age of 18 shall be excluded from the pool during the 10 minutes immediately preceding the start of each hour. This rule shall not apply during those times when pool use has already, by action of the Board of Trustees, been restricted to specific usage such as, but not limited to, swim team and lap swim.

  24. No showers during the ten minute adult swim each hour shall be allowed for those individuals under 18 years of age who are not leaving the pool area.

  25. The hour period on weekday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 pm is designated as lap swimming for individuals 18 years of age and older. One lane will be available at all times during that period.

  26. Swim Team:

    • The Kingsgate V Gators swim team may use the pool for practice on a daily basis, Monday through Friday. Special arrangements may be made to start the week before the Pool opens, otherwise the practice commences on the first day that the pool is open each season. When local public schools are still in session, the swim team will be limited to four hour practice sessions on weekday evenings; and designated Saturday mornings from 6:30 to 9:00 pm. During local public school summer break, the workout schedule will be from 6:00 to 9:15 am weekdays. Special arrangements maybe made to practice on Saturdays. Adjustments to the above schedule must be approved by the Pool Trustee.

    • The swim team may use the pool without charge provided they always have qualified individuals on site who are CERTIFIED WATER SAFETY INSTRUCTORS, and have advanced lifesaving cards from the American Red Cross.

    • The swim team may schedule exclusive use of the pool during normal hours for no more than six evening meets per season starting no earlier than 4:00 pm. The team may also use the pool for one daytime meet per season on either Saturday or Sunday for a Championship meet. The team shall present the Pool Trustee with a request in advance to reserve the pool for swim meets.

  27. Guests are bound by all regular rules plus those in this section.

  28. Each lot/permit holder is limited to four guests at any one time during the normal operating hours of the pool.

  29. There will be a guest fee for each guest. An exception is made for those homeowners who pay their dues in full at the beginning of each calendar year, in accordance with the annual payment incentive resolution adopted at the December, 1984 meeting of the Board of Trustees. Guest fees are set by the Board of Trustees each year at their March meeting. Homeowners and permit holders will be notified of the fee through the newsletter. (Pool Pass Purchasers are excluded from free guests.)

  30. Guest fees shall not be imposed on visiting swim team members participating against the Kingsgate Gators swim team at a meet.

  31. All guests must be accompanied by a member or permit holder at all times. Guest names and addresses shall be recorded; along with time and date of registration, in the logbook at the registration desk.

  32. Homeowner house guests who have stayed 72 hours or more will be considered family members if they have been registered as such with the pool management. House guests, however, may not bring guests to the pool. (Pool Pass Purchasers are excluded from this.)

  33. For safety reasons, guests may be denied admittance if crowded conditions warrant. The judgment of the Pool Trustee, Pool Manager or Senior guard on duty shall be final. No homeowner or permit holder may be denied admittance to the pool if an overcrowded condition exists because of guests. In the event of overcrowding, guests will be asked to leave in reverse order of arrival. Their guest fee will be refunded.

  34. Swim lessons: The pool shall be reserved for swimming lessons every summer for five, two-week morning sessions from 9:30 to 11:30 am Monday through Friday The lessons are open to all homeowners and permit holders. Each participant shall pay the pool a fee according to a schedule stipulated by the Board of Trustees each year at the March Board meeting. The Board of Trustees may decide to have special lessons with appropriate fees for those lessons.

  35. Pool Parties: Private parties may be scheduled with the Pool Manager, and held when the pool is not otherwise in use. All such parties shall be subject to all provisions of these rules and regulations except as noted otherwise.

    • At least one Kingsgate V Homeowner or Pool Use Permit holder, in addition to the appropriate number of lifeguards shall be present at all pool parties.

    • The sponsoring homeowner or permit holder will be charged a fee for all pool parties, at a schedule set by the Board of Trustees. A minimum of two lifeguards is required for all pool parties not exceeding 40 guests. Over 40 guests require 3 guards..

    • All pool parties must end no later than 10:00 pm. Noise at the parties must be kept at a level consistent with the consent and convenience of adjacent homeowners. The host present is responsible for noise level control. All noise level decisions by the lifeguard in charge are final.

    • Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed for pool parties, with the Pool Manager’s approval. The host is responsible for all clean-up to the pool area concerning food and beverage use. The host is also responsible for damages resulting from the party.

  36. Rule Enforcement: The foregoing rules will be enforced by the Pool Manager, lifeguards, and office staff on duty. They have the right to restrict activities which may be unsafe or create an excessive disturbance. Disciplinary procedures are taken at the discretion of the lifeguard, the Pool Manager, or office staff depending on the nature and severity of the infraction. Parents will be notified when a child’s infraction results in disciplinary action. To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, the following disciplinary procedures may be taken to enforce the pool rules:

    • Warning
    • Time out of the pool.
    • Exclusion from pool use for one day.
    • Suspension of pool privileges for longer periods of time up to the balance of the season.