Pool Reservations

Please choose one open section swim a day, and if we have openings we will be happy for you to stay.

No guests are allowed at this time. A guest is anyone who does not live permanently in your household. Please review the waiver related to liability for COVID-19 online and be prepared to sign it at the pool prior to entry.

Review COVID-19 Waiver

Pool section reservations

Please pick which section you would like, your lot number/pool pass number and how many people from your household will be in the pool during that hour.

If you do not show for your reservation within 15 minutes, the reservation will be considered abandoned, and given to any members that call or come in.

The pool will be divided into 5 sections and allow one household/lot number per section to enjoy the pool. The baby pool will be included as a reservable section for your family.

  1. Deep End (Section 1 & 2)
  2. Shallow End (Section 3 & 4)
  3. Baby pool (Section 5)

(Sep 7 - Sep 12)

(Aug 31 - Sep 6)

Pool lessons sign up

We will be having lessons, and they will run from 9:00am-11:30am, M-Th.

  1. One on one 30 min lessons: $30 per kid, per 30 min.
  2. Group Lessons: $100 per kid, 8 lessons. Group of 3-4 kids with an instructor.

(Session 4, Aug 10 - Aug 20)

(Session 3, July 27 - Aug 6)

Pool lap swim sign up

One lap lane will be open every day 9:00am-11:30am M-Th, in 30-minute sessions.

One person at a time in the lane, unless it is family members, then you can have 2.

(Sep 7 - Sep 11)

(Aug 31 - Sep 4)

Deck rules

If you choose not to use the water, furniture will be spread out 6ft apart. We will also have prepackaged treats and drinks to purchase if you choose.

Before coming to the pool

We will be sending out a COVID waiver for each household to sign when they arrive at the pool. We will not have access to the showers or changing stalls, but toilets and sinks will be available, along with hand sanitizer.