Swim Lesson Levels

Level 1

Level is for true beginners. In level 1, we will work on ensuring your child is comfortable in the water. We will focus on entering the pool, blowing bubbles, submerging their heads, floating on stomach and back, assisted kicking with kickboard, glides off the wall, and jumps.

Prerequisites: Child must be at least 4 years old.

Level 2

Level 2 is for kids who are comfortable in the water. In level 2, we will work on teaching your child basic swimming techniques, including glides with bubbles, crawl stroke, backstroke, independent kicking with kickboard, retrieving submerged objects, and introduction to side breathing and knee dives.

Prerequisites: Child must be able to enter water independently, blow bubbles, submerge their head, float on their stomach and back, and kick (assisted) with a kickboard.

Level 3

Level 3 is for kids who are beginning to swim independently. In level 3, we will work on teaching your child streamlines, side breathing, confident crawl stroke and backstroke, kicking with and without a kickboard, and continuing to work on knee dives. We will also introduce treading water and breaststroke.

Prerequisites: Child must be able to try and swim 10 yards independently, kick independently with a kickboard, perform front and back glides, and retrieve objects under water.

Level 4

Level 4 is for kids who can swim independently and have a solid swimming foundation. In level 4, we will continue to work on crawl stroke, backstroke, and breaststroke. We will be working towards children swimming the full length of the pool (25 yards). We will move from knee dives to standing dives, continue to work on treading water, and learn feet-first surface dives.

Prerequisites: Child must be able to streamline into their stroke, side breathe, kick without a kickboard, try to perform knee dives, and tread water for 15 seconds independently.

Level 5

Level 5 is for kids who are strong swimmers and want to become proficient in all four strokes. Level 5 is also perfect for kids who may want to join swim team in the future or are already on swim team. In level 5, we will work towards your child being able to swim 100 continuous yards of freestyle (previously referred to as crawl stroke), backstroke, breaststroke, and an Individual Medley (1 pool length of each stroke without stopping). We will also introduce butterfly and work towards swimming 50 continuous yards of butterfly. We will move from standing dives to diving off the blocks, as well as introduce flip turns, swim team drills, and breaststroke pullouts.

Prerequisites: Child must have passed the swim test, be able to perform standing dives, and be able to swim freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke for 25 yards without stopping.

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